If you’re looking for a new bathroom, or maybe just some new tiles for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

We would like to suggest that the first step to having a beautiful new bathroom is to come and have a browse around our showroom; you’ll see lots of fabulous things, all brilliantly displayed, in a wide variety of styles at a wide variety of prices. If you can, bring your room measurements with you so we can immediately advise you what might fit best and look right. (If you’re not confident with measuring up, let us know when you come into the showroom, and we can make arrangements for one of us to come and do it for you.)

Having got the room measurements, we need to create your design using our three-dimensional CAD software. We’ll also need a brief from you – you may have some specific requests (e.g. individual needs, storage requirements, bathing or showering preferences) which need to be accommodated. The design process can take some time, so it’s best to leave the sizes with us – we’ll give you a call or drop you an e-mail when it’s finished.

We could also do with some idea of your budget, which some people are very wary of. But without it, we could get the design scheme completely wrong – either way. You might be searching for the bathroom of your dreams, or simply looking to conduct an economical refurbishment prior to moving house, but if we don’t know, we could get it really wrong – which could be disappointing for both parties. So please be honest, there is nothing to worry or be embarrassed about, and we’ll make sure you get the bathroom you want with the very best value for money.

Once the design is completed, come back to the showroom so we can show you the designs on the computer screens, and then take you round the showroom pointing out the various individual elements we’ve incorporated in your design. We can make any minor changes necessary, help you choose colours, and that’s it – simply tell us when you would like delivery, pay us a deposit, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Many of our clients are having a house built, or having building work undertaken, in which case the builder is usually in charge of the installation. If this is the case, we encourage and welcome visits by the builder or his installer prior to the installation starting, just to talk through the installation methods and make sure they’re happy with everything before the delivery lands on site.

You may have a preferred plumber or a bathroom installer who you would like to conduct the installation. Again, that’s absolutely fine, and we’re more than happy to speak to them too before the project gets underway.

If you don’t know anyone who can install your bathroom, just leave it with us. We work alongside a small number of local recommended installers who are just brilliant, and we can organise them to do it for you.

Either way, you’ll get the most amazing results, and a new bathroom that will make the neighbours go avocado with envy.