The vast majority of our bathroom suites are manufactured by the leading German producer, Villeroy & Boch. Established in 1748, “V&B” have become market leaders in the production of porcelain and are probably more well known for their range of tableware and giftware, than their bathrooms. Nevertheless, anyone who has had a V&B bathroom suite will tell you how fabulous the quality is. Time and time again, we have clients who come through our door, not only because they want to enjoy the Tubs & Tiles experience, but also because they have had Villeroy & Boch in the past, and want the same again. V&B’s suites are robust, the glazes which they use are pure white, and, cared for properly, will stand the test of time for many years.

V&B produce a wide range of designs, and within each range there are a multitude of size options too, so we can confidently supply you with a style of your choice in a size to suit the room.

Storage is usually important for most clients. We consider “under-basin” storage (e.g. pull-out drawer vanity units) best suited for larger items such as spare toilet rolls, spare towels, cleaning materials etc. whereas “over-basin” storage (usually an illuminated mirrored cabinet) is more useful for storing smaller items such as cosmetics, shaving materials, toothbrushes etc. We can get storage units made to fit underneath most washbasins, in a finish to complement your bathroom design.