You will, at some point, be naked in your bathroom so you definitely don’t want to be cold in there! These days, radiators and heated towel rails come in an abundance of designs, shapes, sizes and even colours. We can conduct a simple calculation for you, to determine the number of BTUs (heat units) which you will need for your room, and help you choose a suitable model.

Underfloor heating is a fabulous invention; we love it so much, we use it for heating our offices. By laying a wafer-thin mat (which incorporates an electrical wire) underneath your tiled floor, you create a heat source like no other. The heating is controlled by a thermostat on the wall, which regulates and maintains the floor temperature to a comfortable level – usually two or three degrees above the ambient room temperature. This creates a warm blanket of air which rises evenly through the room, and so avoids “hot spots” which you can get from conventional radiators. A heated floor is incredibly comforting and luxurious to walk barefoot on too, particularly on cold winter mornings! The other benefit to underfloor heating is that any water on the floor will quickly evaporate, whether the floor has been cleaned, or you have stepped out of the bath straight onto the floor.